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Platform Overview

What is the IUDX platform?
THE IUDX VISION: Unleash the power of data for public good— Discover, exchange and use all types of data from various sources to improve the quality of life for citizens!

Data Exchanges are the new global phenomenonCities around the world such as Copenhagen, Columbus and Manchester, have taken ownership of their data assets by creating Data Exchanges – enabling improved efficiency, better services, reduced cost and enhanced revenue. A Data Exchange provides a way for accessing data in a unified, common format, allowing for sharing of data between different departments in a city, as well as opening up data for third party developers to create innovative new applications and citizen services. In addition, there is an opportunity for third party providers of data, data analytics or data annotation to participate in what becomes a data market place generating new sources of revenue.


The benefits of a world class Data Exchange are now available to
Indian Cities

After two years of intense R&D and field validation by SCM and IISc, the IUDX is now being launched as production quality, fully tested platform that can open up the immense benefits of data for Indian cities. IUDX is completely open source, based on an underlying framework of open APIs, data models, and the security, privacy and accounting mechanisms that will facilitate easy and efficient exchange of data among disparate urban data silos. IUDX draws on ideas and, where feasible, code from best-of-breed global projects such as CityVerve and Fiware.