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City Engagements

IUDX is pleased to partner with the following cities to create compelling use cases that will benefit cities and citizens. 

Benefits to City Management

The IUDX program has been designed keeping the requirements of the city management councils in mind. Here are the benefits that a city management can derive:

If the city has an ICCC system, IUDX will integrate with the existing APIs and provide the ability to share data coming from city solutions and also from other private and public sources that are not currently being sent to ICCC.

As IUDX integrates solution APIs of multiple vendors, the system will become vendor agnostic and hence no lock-in with the first vendor for renewals. This is because of open source and open standards.

Access to pre-negotiated relationships with private data providers where privately owned and public data would be needed to solve some of the city’s pressing problems.

If the city does not have ICCC then IUDX will allow an ICCC app to be created that can provide ICCC function at a dramatically lower cost.

Access to the IUDX App Store portfolio of independent app developers to readily use the existing applications and also to develop the new ones, to solve specific city challenges.

Additional revenues through data monetization, reduced cost of city operations through efficient service applications and citizen’s satisfaction through applications for their convenience.

Participation in City Showcase, a program that brings together app integrator’s and IUDX to create innovative and valuable apps for city admins and citizen. The best ones get featured by MoHUA and awarded.