Data Sharing and Open Innovation is Here

The Power of Data: The world has become increasingly digital and applications for navigation, mobility, utilities, e-commerce etc are generating good quality and quantity of electronic data off late. Beyond the ability to derive information, insights and trends from them, the power of data lies in its combinatorial possibilities when multiple datasets come together and create innovative applications for efficient service delivery and convenience which makes data the “New Oil” and an economy.

Challenges: The following technical and non-technical challenges should be flawlessly dealt with to make the data market place and application innovation a reality.

  1. In many of the cases, the data remains in the respective domain silos and hence it is very hard to share the data and build services with cross-domain data.
  2. Stakeholders have limited understanding of what data can be shared, to whom, for how long, at no cost or at what price.
  3. Since similar data is represented in different ways in different systems, there should be a mechanism for accessing the data in a unified and common format.
  4. Need legal, regulatory and policy frameworks incorporating the data ownership, privacy and ethical considerations to facilitate a functional data market place.

Broad Ecosystem Benefit: It is expected that all the stakeholders in the ecosystem will be benefited by an efficient data sharing mechanism and hence there should not be any dearth of mindshare here.

  1. Government agencies/Services: Reduced cost through service delivery efficiency, open innovation and faster deployment of solutions. No vendor lock-in.
  2. End-users/Citizens: Innovative and cheaper applications for utility services, convenience, better user experience and efficient service delivery.
  3. Data owners/Providers: Ease of data sharing, value addition to the datasets and revenue generation through data monetization.
  4. Industry/Start-up ecosystem: Lower cost, faster development and portability of applications due to data availability and standard APIs.
  5. Academia and Research: More meaningful research by having direct access to a wide variety of datasets.


Applications: Some of the useful applications for example which could be created from the available data sets in urban governance, mobility, environment and Healthcare spaces.

  1. Multi modal transport application to meet the financial and travel time budget using datasets from rail, metro, bus, taxi, ride share, E bike, walk paths, safety index of places etc.
  2. Green corridor for emergency vehicles using the data sets from vehicle tracking, route navigation, traffic, traffic lights, hospital/health information systems etc.
  3. Flood prediction and disaster management using past/present/forecast data from flood sensors, rainfall, water release from dams, people location, communication systems etc.

Imagination will be the only limit here for the possible solutions and applications!

India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) Platform:

IUDX funded by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), developed and deployed as a fully open-source cloud-based platform by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is currently being deployed across multiple cities in India and expected to become the data-sharing platform and application ecosystem of choice at national level and beyond. It facilitates the discovery, secure exchange and use of data from various sources and creation of commercial applications (not open-source).

The Opportunity: It is the time for the public/privately owned data providers, Industry/Start up ecosystem, Government departments and Academia/Research (a real quadruple helix) to collaborate with innovative business/revenue models, exploiting the technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI/ML at its best to unlock the full potential of data and create applications to make the services efficient, effective, convenient and sustainable! All are welcome to participate, contribute and also benefit. Let us do it together!


Suresh Kumar
VP Development, IUDX


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