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Ecosystem Benefit

IUDX is designed to have a direct positive impact on citizens life and helping transform the country into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. The various initiatives under the program will ensure integrated growth across various aspects of urban development. The major stakeholders who will derive direct benefits from the program are various government departments, city management/operations, system integrators, solution providers, software and application developers, other industry players, start-up, academia and, most importantly, the Citizens.


  • New applications across data silos
  • No Vendor lock-in
  • Reduced cost because of solution portability and modularity
  • Improved choice of Vendors

Data Providers

  • Monetization of data previously not utilized
  • Ability to combine data with other sources to create innovative new services

Application Developers

  • Reduced cost/speed of development
  • Improve portability for successful applications
  • Opportunity to create new applications not feasible previously


  • Data driven governance
  • Great User Experience
  • Better service Delivery

Software, Hardware Vendors & SI's

  • Larger market opportunity
  • Lower cost of development because of open source platform