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The IUDX program plans to create a portfolio of applications that can be used “out-of-the-box” to create value for cities. This is possible because of the standardization of IUDX API’s and Data Models. We plan to create a set of partners who can deliver such solutions. It will be like an IUDX App Store or Play Store. WATCH THIS SPACE!
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 10 May 2021

NEC's solutions improving the quality of urban transport Service Read More

 19 Mar 2021

Interview with Dr Inder Gopal, CEO at India Urban Data Exchange Read More

 15 Mar 2021

IUDX: Unleashing the Power of Data for Urban Administration Read More

 26 Feb 2021

Centre Launches National Urban Digital Mission For Creating Digital Infra For Cities Read More

 23 Nov 2020

4 Indian Cities Selected To Pioneer Roadmap For Smart Cities
Apart from Bengaluru... Read More

 18 Nov 2020

FIWARE Foundation And The IUDX Program Collaborate On Open Source.. Read More

 18 Nov 2020

FIWARE Foundation teams up with IUDX Program over Open Source to provide a standard platform. Read More

 23 OCT 2020

As per a new study from Technavio, the smart city market size is poised to grow... Read More

 01 OCT 2020

Surat: Surat is among the five cities selected under Indian Urban Data Exchange Program (IUDEP).. Read More

 08 Nov 2019

Announcing DATATHON for IUDX @ Pune. Read More

 11 Sept 2019

Ministry plans to go from open platform to eventual monetisation of cities data. Read More

 08 Sept 2019

India Urban Observatory: Using Data for cleaner, efficient cities. Read More

 30 Aug 2019

Smart Cities Mission Technology Showcase Day (Pune) Read More

 01 Oct 2020

Pune AQI application Read More

 20 Aug 2019

New Draft Data Exchange Framework Reference Architecture & Specifications... Read More

 29 Jan 2019

Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited ties up with Indian Institute of Science Read More

 13 Dec 2018

IISc to draw Smart Cities data specs Read More

Smart Cities Mission Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) organised an online event on June 25, 2021 to commemorate 6 years ...
Read More

Data Categorisation and Classification: A Systematic Review

Indian government is taking bold steps to galvanise the data economy through open government data platforms, smart city initiatives, and ...
Read More

Data sharing, Open Innovation & AI/ML – The inflection point!

The Power of Data: The world has become increasingly digital and the applications in smart cities, townships, health care, agriculture, ...
Read More

Real World Analogies of IUDX

Why is IUDX needed? What does it do for cities? Sometimes it is easier to understand a concept by comparing ...
Read More

The Importance of Data Sharing in Managing Public Health Crises (2021)

The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the importance of the free flow of information and data-driven applications in the management of public health crises. Read More

IUDX - Overview (February 2021)

The next phase of smart cities implementations will leverage data empowerment... Read More

IUDX - Technical Overview (November 2020)

Cities around the world have learned that they possess a new valuable asset, namely the data generated... Read More

The Urban Data Exchange (March 2020)

The Smart City program in India can benefit greatly from the creation and deployment of a new soft (IUDX). Read More

Data Exchange Framework Part 2 Specifications(May 2019)

The next phase of smart cities implementations will leverage data empowerment... Read More




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