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Design Priciples


Data Movement Across DATA SILOS

Controlled Data Sharing Across ADMINISTRATIVE SILOS

Sharing of Data Without Compromising PRIVACY & SECURITY


Data Silos Data Movement Across Data


Demographic or geographical data


Tax or property records

Compliance with International and Domestic STANDARDS

REUSE of Software / Apps Created Elsewhere

Cities Can Benefit From LESSONS LEARNED in Other Cities

What does IUDX do for me?

Enables the exchange of public data across applications/services through standard interfaces.

Provide services to share privately-owned data from multiple agencies.

Enforces processes and policies to publish and access data through requests, permissions.

Analyse and report the sanity and quality of data sets and data sources.

Hosts data based information and insights useful for creating new applications/services

IUDX will be completely open source, based on an underlying framework of open standard APIs, data models, and the security, privacy and accounting mechanisms that will facilitate easy adoption across the digital ecosystem.

Why does openness matter?

Openness matters because it increases availability of new exciting applications based on IUDX standards and reduces cost of acquisition. It eliminates the dreaded vendor-lock in where a city is dependent on a particular vendor in perpetuity. And it vastly increases the opportunity for start-ups and other vendors to create new solutions and applications. They can do so at their own risk, without cost to the city.

Sharing data does NOT mean OPEN DATA!

Sharing needs to be controlled and the owner of the data should have the ability to determine who gets the data. This is the fundamental aspect of a data exchange. The picture here shows the three levels of Data Maturity.  IUDX enables cities to climb up the levels.