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Technical Architecture

IUDX enables sharing of data without losing control.
It allows data to be located and identified through a catalogue server; ensures the data consumer is authorized access in accordance with the data provider’s policies through the consent server; and ensures that data is transferred from provider to consumer in an understandable format through a resource server.

The catalogue contains the meta-data of data resources along with auxiliary descriptions, API endpoints, data models and other meta-information like discovery hints, location details, providers etc.

The consent service is designed to enable data resource providers to share data with authorized entities with minimal effort. This is achieved through the use of client-side certificates, issued by the IUDX.

The resource server provides data access through search, count and subscription APIs creating a channel for the user to access the data based on the permissions granted, leaving the data privacy considerations clearly with the data provider. The transient data stored in the resource server will enable data quality monitoring and analytics functions and also host the value-added data, information and insights.