Position Title: Deployment Manager​

Position Title: Deployment Manager

Scope of Work:

Requirement gathering from cities and co-ordination with city officials, system integrators, solution providers, and other data providers to integrate the right data sets into the IUDX platform. Deploy and maintain IUDX for the city and enable the application providers to create applications for city management as well as citizens.

Responsibilities :

  1. Engage with data providers, understand the use cases, and requirements, get the API/Data information from the solution vendors, manage the IUDX city-specific components development and deploy the IUDX to the targeted cities.
  2. Understand the IUDX product requirements and enhancements from the city management, application developers, public/private data providers, platform engineering teams and develop and deploy them as per the agile development methodology.
  3. Hiring of software engineers, team building, people management, and project management.

Skills :

  1. Excellent requirement analysis, project management, stakeholder management, and communications skills to deploy cloud-based IUDX/applications across multiple cities in parallel.
  2. Excellent skills in software development and ability to play the role of scrum master and product owner to deliver quality on time as budget following the best practices for software development and Agile software development methodology.
  3. Understand the IoT solutions from field sensing to cloud computing, Big data, currently implemented use cases, and additional use cases that could be built on the existing system/extending the system.

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