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IUDX – Unleash the Power of Data for Public Good

  • Open source standardized cloud-based system for more flexibility and reduced costs
  • Breaking data silos to enable sharing of public and privately owned data
  • Converting collected data into understandable format and usable information
  • Generating insights from large set of data for creating new applications/services
  • Enabling data economy by monetizing data
  • Using data innovatively to foster entrepreneurial ecosystem in SmartCities
  • Mitigating security risk and data fraud, and enhancing transparency and accountability

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IUDX - Technical Overview

Cities around the world have learned that they possess a new valuable asset, namely the data generated


Demystifying IUDX

Why is IUDX needed? What does it do for cities? Sometimes it is easier to understand a concept

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Siloed data is one of the biggest impediments in data sharing and accessibility. Instead of breaking silos or moving data in volumes into a central repository, the approach here is to interconnect the disparate and distributed entities through a common data exchange platform.