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The Omidyar Network India funded DataKaveri Research program complements the IUDX development and deployment efforts. The DataKaveri program explores, together with academic partners, the technical, legal, organizational and economic barriers to the use and re-use of non-personal data. While the initial focus is on urban data as collected within the IUDX platform, the focus is broader and encompasses agricultural, industrial, health and educational sectors.

Specifically, DataKaveri Research will enable us to create domain-specific Data Spaces as described in the adjacent panel. DataKaveri will help us address both technical and non- technical barriers, by assembling the necessary concepts, tools and infrastructures, addressing issues of security and trust, and by clarifying governance and legal issues. Under the DataKaveri Research program, we have initiated two significant research efforts

The concept of a Data Space is broader than the IUDX technology platform. It is an aggregation of technology, data, concepts, ideas, rules, and best practices grouped around a particular domain and captures all the necessary aspects to enable the use of data. The DataKaveri Research efforts, with their broad technical and non-technical scope, will allow us to build better Data Spaces, both for urban governance and for other sectors.