Travel Safe with IUDX

What makes public spaces safer for women? Crimes in urban public spaces are a concern that all of us identify with today, especially women. Even parents are concerned about the safety of their children as they commute to school, and men are afraid of being attacked by unsavory characters in desolate or poorly lit areas.

Numerous studies have suggested that the planning, design, and management of public spaces have a huge impact on security and people’s feelings of insecurity. People face increased risks of violence and harassment where there is poor infrastructure, a lack of street lighting, or unsafe neighborhoods. Also, a lack of policing impacts the mobility of people, especially women, when they have to walk home at night in unsafe and unlit areas or rely on unsafe transport.

While it takes a lot of effort to change the entire infrastructure that has not been able to cope with rapid urbanization and increasing population, we ourselves can take the responsibility for our safety with IUDX based Safe Routes application.

This application maps a large percentage of roads in a city and uses this data to provide you with the safest route possible for traveling from point A to point B. The image below shows how the application works

Citizens, public transport, and law enforcement agencies are the intended customers of this application, where the safety index for the streets/places is identified based on the road safety parameters. A “safety score” is accumulated after a certain number of entries are submitted per area. While the app is available in the cities like Pune, IUDX is also helping integrate this application into our other mobility applications like Multimodal Transport application to build a safer city for every citizen.