Position Title: Senior Software Engineer

Position Title: Deployment Manager

Job scope :

At IUDX, we are building an advanced state of the art HPC analytics processing engine. The role involves developing a full stack analytic system including workflow/process graph compilations, workflow orchestration, distributed process execution, distributed file storage and system level performance optimization with TF/Torch/Cuda and other computing acceleration libraries, and developing an api server and visualisation utilities to interact with the HPC backend.

The Analytic Engine will be used in a highly scaled national level Geospatial Engine storing and processing large data such as satellite imagery.

Good to see on resume:

  1. First hand experience in MLOps on providers such as databricks, AWS (Sagemaker), Azure, Kubeflow, etc.
  2. First hand experience with writing optimized Python code using libraries like asyncio, dask, etc.
  3. Experience with technicalities of data visualization tools such a superset (internals, code modification, etc) and API servers for data science based applications.
  4. First hand experience building self hosted analytic clusters with Dask or Spark.
  5. Good experience in optimizing ML workflows on Pytorch / TF with system level improvements such as prefetching, shared data, Gpu Direct Memory, etc would bump up your visibility.
  6. Experience developing software in Cloud Native approach will also bump up your visibility, for e.g exposure to Kubernetes (CRDs, Operators), Istio, Argo, NATS, etc

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