Causation of Data as a Social Good

Data Dialogues Session 3

Causation of Data as a Social Good


Datafication – the growing presence, use, and impact of data in social processes – is a worldwide phenomenon, including in the domain of national and international development. Datafication comes with much promise around the benefits it will bring to planning, development, and policymaking. Urban datafication has emphasized the growing inequality; with the exclusion or adverse incorporation of those who are already marginalized within the physical city. These marginalized groups find some greater voice and place in urban decision-making than was previously the case, thanks to data-driven decision-making.  This talk throws light on the ‘Role of regulatory policies and public digital infrastructure in ensuring that data sharing is directed towards meaningful outcomes for the marginalized communities such as low-income groups, senior citizens, etc and the potential ill effects including exclusion are minimized’.

24th JUNE 2022

@ 4:00 PM

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Ashish Aggarwal

Vice President and Head – Public Policy, NASSCOM

Mr Ashish Aggarwal leads NASSCOM’s engagement with the industry, regulators, and governments on policy and regulatory reforms. His key focus is on data, e-commerce, platforms, fintech, and all regulations impacting emerging technologies and tech-led businesses. At the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, he led the technical assistance to the Indian Ministry of Finance on the regulation of financial products, digital payments, and consumer protection. As an entrepreneur, he co-incubated a technology-led social enterprise to enable low-income workers to save for old age and was part of the team that helped the Government design the National Pension System.