Public Transit Data Analysis - BMTC

Data Dialogues Session 3

Public Transit Data Analysis - BMTC

The increasing interest of transit agencies in adopting newer technologies to improve their quality-of-service has led to voluminous data storage. Automatic vehicle tracking (GPS) data, electronic ticketing data, Smart cards, Automatic Fare collection systems, etc., are some components of the Intelligent Transport System that generate gigabytes of data every day. This talk will discuss methods and tools used to analyze GPS and electronic ticketing data and their initial exploratory results. It will also present a closer look into platooning of buses (bus bunching), using ticketing data to understand route-level load profiles and some of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

25th February 2022

@ 3:00 PM


Dr.Yogalakshmi Jayabal

Post Doctoral Research Associate with CISTUP, IISc

Yogalakshmi Jayabal is currently a post-doctoral research associate with CISTUP, IISc where she is leading the design and development of computational framework for evaluating operational headway management strategies for increased reliability in public transit. She has 7 years of experience in software industry and 4 years of research experience in Information Technology.