Data platform: Trends and Patterns

22nd April 2022 @ 3:00 PM

Data Dialogues

Data Platform: Trends and Patterns


Over the past several years, digital platforms have ramped up and created services influencing the day to day activities that shapes our interaction in the physical world. As more and more systems are being added, there is more data at hand to analyze and response faster to our digital needs.

Crucial AI systems provide situational awareness, generate new insights and drive decisions in several industries, including the mission critical ones such as airlines or autonomous driving. Further, global regulations around data privacy has made “Privacy by Design” imperative for organizations and governments to avoid costly breaches and maintain its positive reputation.

In this presentation, we will describe the strategic observations on the trends and patterns related to data platform. In addition, we will also discuss a few implementations that showcases the architecture and tools necessary to derive business intelligence from a sea of structured and unstructured data points captured from multiple data sources.

22nd April 2022

@ 3:00 PM


Pranay Verma

Chief Researcher R&D, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd

As a leader of digital solution’s, he contributes to the new age technologies leveraging AI and
data intelligence in areas of connected communities, cyber security, digital transformation, and analytics.


Pranay has15 years’ experience, Tech background in Computer Science and Exec MBA from UCLA Anderson school.


Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee

Director & Head R&D, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd

Responsible for global digital platform development and engineering.

Dr. Banerjee is a specialist in development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems. Prior to his current role, was a Partner in IBM Services where he led the delivery of Cognitive-Business-Decision-Support (CBDS) services worldwide. A computer science graduate by training, he earned his Doctorate in Engineering Management from George Washington University, USA.

Dr. Banerjee is certified by Cornell and Harvard University in Executive Leadership and Change Management. He loves traveling, Net-surfing and meeting the "new" that includes people, culture and technology.