Economics and Markets for Non-Personal Data

Panel Series: Episode 4

4:30 PM IST, Friday, January 15, 2021

Economics and Markets for Non-Personal Data

Many scholars have analyzed the economics of personal information. There is still scant literature on the economics of Non-Personal Data (NPD). Sharing of anonymized NPD has become prevalent recently due to the Covid pandemic, and is being extensively used for public policy and healthcare administrative decisions,
worldwide. There are still critical questions on sharing of NPD that include (i) incentives for data fiduciaries to share their NPD (ii) development of a sustainable market with the associated economics (iii) establishment of a regulator for the appropriate functioning of such a market. These issues and associated recommendations have been prescribed in the report by the committee of experts constituted by the Government of India on NPD market governance framework as well.

It is in this context that this panel will deliberate on the following:
1. Can we come up with a model of valuation of non-personal data for the date sharing fiduciaries, and
society at large?
2. If NPD is considered as a public good which is non-excludable (if at all) and non-rival (if at all), how does
the underlying economics work? Should Governments fund the creation and use of NPD repositories
much like they would do of a public good or an innovative monetization models including private
investment shall be explored? What are the trade-offs?
3. The committee report mentions a possible data market with associated pricing mechanisms for sharing
and trading NPD. How feasible is it for sustainable functioning of such data markets?
4. Who owns NPD and if so what are the mechanisms for assigning property rights and ownership to data
fiduciaries for appropriating royalty and enforcing use restrictions.

Experts Panel:
Dr V Sridhar, Professor, Centre for IT and Public Policy, IIIT Bangalore
Dr Wolfgang Kerber, Professor, Marburg Centre for International Economics, Germany
Dr Inder Gopal, Research Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Mr Amol Kulkarni, Head – Research, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) International
Dr Saikat Guha, Sr. Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research India