IUDX started in the year 2018 with a grant from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) through the Smart Cities Mission to IISc to develop specifications for API and data schemas for a data exchange and to create an open-source reference implementation.

IUDX was conceptualised to unlock the power of data generated in each city on a daily basis. The
platform enables secure data sharing and thereby be used by cities and private companies to
predict, understand and solve the complex urban problems and address them with scalable and
sustainable solutions. It can unleash the power of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning on the most intractable of India’s urban challenges.

The primary users of IUDX are intended to be cities, data providers and application developers, system integrators, start-ups and academia.
IUDX offers a plethora of benefits to both the citizens and cities. Citizens will receive innovative and cheaper applications and services that will help in making their daily lives simpler, while city governance will be improved with innovation and faster development without overburdening the city exchequer. IUDX can even generate a new source of revenue for the city. The other beneficiaries would be data providers, application developers and system integrators, as IUDX is enabling them to use the data generated within Indian cities.
Yes, IUDX is completely open source.
Deployment of IUDX is a partnership between the IUDX team, the city administration, their vendors and system integrators and the ministry. The platform is flexible and can be deployed as an entirely new entity or as an addition to any existing deployments. It mainly is deployed in its own cloud instance, but could be deployed in a traditional on-premise model too if it is required to meet any specific requirements.
We are currently deployed in 10 cities and aiming to add 15 more in 2021-22.
Please write to us on info@iudx.org.in for your queries. We will ensure that someone from our team reaches out to you.
The IUDX program has been designed keeping the requirements of the city management councils in mind. The platform will prove to be a gamechanger when it comes to urban governance and making our cities sustainable and future ready. With IUDX’s deployment, the cities will reap the benefits of data and the latest technology to address civic issues in lesser time, lower costs and no vendor dependency for services.
The data on the IUDX platform is made available from the various smart installations in the cities and other independent data providers.
IUDX protects data and enables its controlled sharing so that it is not open to all. Only authorized transactions can happen; therefore, only authorized companies/individuals will have access to your data.
IUDX is intended to be a public-private partnership. Essential for the success of the programme is the close collaboration with industry – both in developing the IUDX platform as in developing and deploying applications in the Smart Cities. To achieve this, an IUDX Consortium has been created, where IUDX Consortium members and partners come together regularly to discuss the development of the platform and the engagement with the cities. Furthermore, IUDX Consortium members can actively support the development and will be able to work with the newest IUDX version before the official release.
Partnerships are an integral part of IUDX. We are creating an IUDX consortium, which will make it easy for all types of companies to work with IUDX and the cities deploying IUDX. This includes various Indian companies, multinationals with operations in India, government-owned for-profit companies, and start-ups that are creating software, hardware or related services that relate to IUDX can become a member of IUDX consortium. For more details contact consortium@iudx.org.in
Please write to us on consortium@iudx.org.in and someone from our team will reach out to you with details.
Anyone wishing to use the data hosted on IUDX to develop applications can become a IUDX data consumer. For that, one can follow a simple registration process to register as an IUDX consumer. To access data for a protected resource, a consumer has to get consents from the provider of the resource. The consents can be granted explicitly as a result of agreements between IUDX consumer and provider or implicit consents may also be available for development and experimental purposes.