Governance Frameworks for Non-Personal Data

Panel Series: Episode 2

4:30 PM IST, Friday, November 20, 2020

Governance Frameworks for Non-Personal Data

The Report by the Committee of Experts on Non-Personal Data Governance Framework has proposed a number of new legal constructs and structures in order to harness NPD as a public good. While the approach taken by the report provides an important framing, it also raises a number of questions from a legal and regulatory perspective. The second edition of the Series on Non-Personal Data will attempt to identify some of these questions and hear from experts on the issues. This, we hope, will contribute to
developing a legal framework around non-personal data that respects the rights of data holders and our current legal obligations while harnessing the potential for non-personal data to be used as a public good. Issues this Panel will look at will include the interaction of a new framework with existing intellectual property rights and obligations, as well as its relationship with the personal data protection framework.

Moderators: Ms Srijoni Sen (NLSIU)

Experts Panel:
• Mr Rahul Matthan, Partner, Trilegal
• Ms Neha Munjral, General Counsel, GE Healthcare
• Mr Desh Gaurav Sekhri, NITI Aayog
• Prof Rahul Singh, NLSIU
• Mr Kailas Kartikeyan, Gestalt Strategy Consulting