Homomorphic Encryption: The holy grail in real life

Data Dialogues Session 3

Homomorphic Encryption: The holy grail in real life


Homomorphic Encryption (HE) is considered as the holy grail of cryptography  for performing secure computations  in untrusted environments. Since its conceptualization, HE suffers from two main limitations: performance and algorithm translation challenges in homomorphic domain. To handle these limitations research in homomorphic encryption has progressed in two major directions. Starting from partial or limited homomorphic schemes, the first direction explores the plausible construction of efficient encryption schemes which is fully  homomorphic in nature to support theoretically arbitrary and unbounded numbers of encrypted computations. The second direction further explores how far end to end implementations of  encrypted real world algorithms  are feasible considering our existing underlying processors are unencrypted in nature. Further, fully HE schemes are both performance and memory hungry.  With all these bottlenecks it is interesting to investigate the recent and possible future applications where this cryptographic holy grail can be adapted to use ‘data for public good’ ensuring  data confidentiality for critical resources.

25th AUGUST 2022

@ 4:00 PM IST

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Dr. Ayantika Chatterjee

Assistant Professor - IIT Kharagpur

Ayantika Chatterjee has received her Ph.D and M.S degree in computer science and engineering and information technology respectively from IIT Kharagpur. After Ph.D, she joined Data Storage Institute, Agency of Science technology and research (A*Star), Singapore as a scientist and worked in the domain of encrypted database design. She was also associated with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as a post doctoral fellow for a few months. At present, she is working as an assistant professor at Advanced Technology Development Centre (ATDC), IIT Kharagpur. Her research interests include embedded security and secure cloud computation.