Non-Personal Health Data

Panel Series: Session 5

4:30 PM IST, Friday, January 29, 2021


This panel discussion will focus on healthcare related aspects of the draft report on Non-Personal Data Governance Framework Version 2, published on 16/12/2020 (use the link to read this version).

The new version of the report on governance framework introduces some new constructs based on the notion of “High Value Datasets” and a very clear path to the creation of public goods from data generated by private and public agencies. The framework also reiterates the value of a single national-level regulation to establish rights over non-personal data while addressing privacy, re-identification of anonymized personal data, and preventions of misuse and harms. The intent of the panel discussion is to get to an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the framework in realizing social/public / economic value from the use of non-personal data. The panelists include experts from health economics, public health, law, demography and population health modeling.

Experts Panel:
• Prof. Ajay Mahal, Dy Director, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University
of Melbourne
• Dr Ajay Nair, CEO, Swasth Digital Health Foundation
• Prof. T.V. Sekher, Professor and Head, Dept. of Population Policies and Programmes,
International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
• Rahul Matthan, Partner, Trilegal
• Prof. Gautam Menon, Professor of Physics and Biology, Ashoka University
Moderator: Prof. Vijay Chandru, Executive Advisor, ARTPark, IISc