“With the support of IUDX, we aim to move closer to achieving our vision of an adaptive, inclusive and sustainable Pune city, thereby improving the lives of our citizens.”

– Dr Sanjay Kolte, CEO – Pune Smart City

Pune has created a phone-based app, where people will be able to plan trips while taking safety considerations into account and avoiding unsafe areas/streets. Citizens, public transport, and law enforcement agencies are the intended customers of this application, where the safety index for the streets/places will be identified based on a variety of road safety parameters. For this the datasets will be collected in the form of location wise reported crime data, surveillance camera feeds, street light locations/status, number of people on the street, and crowdsourced ‘feeling’ data. This application will be live soon for use by the general public.

Some of the features of the project are:

  • Safety index computed using an algorithm based on various data sources such as street light status, crowds, gender diversity, etc

  • Incorporation of Safety Index into IUDX for use in navigation and other services

  • Real time updates of safety index based on IUDX data

  • Use of analytics on IUDX data to derive safety parameters

  • Integration with navigational apps or tourist guides