“The IUDX Initiative of Smart City Mission of MoHUA has been a great support to us in improving our bus service for the commuters. It acts as a trusted and interoperable data sharing platform and has uninterrupted data sharing capabilities to engage city partners

– Shri CY Bhatt, CEO - Surat Smart City

Surat has a comprehensive Public Transport System consisting of BRT Buses, City Buses and High Mobility Corridor Buses with the current ridership of around 2.4 lakhs. The Bus Occupancy Use Case organises and onboards data on IUDX from sources such as ITMS, Surat Money Open Loop Smart Card, QR code-based ticketing, and Google’s bus-related real time data. This data is used to derive the actual time of bus arrival and the number of passengers on board in real time, helping the citizens better plan their travel. Both commuters as well as institutions will be beneficiaries of this initiative.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Minimized waiting time of the passengers at Bus Stations/stops
  • Option for selecting the bus as per the seat availability.
  • Information on Passenger load on the specific route.
  • Differently abled commuters, Senior Citizens, Women etc. can utilize the system more efficiently due to occupancy information. If buses are delayed, passengers can make informed decisions about taking alternative routes or modes
  • Safety concerns
  • Improved passenger satisfaction and reduction in customer complaints.
  • More effective planning and scheduling of the buses.