“We believe that in the long run our endeavour to build datasmart solutions with the help of IUDX platform will reap benefits for not just Varanasi but for cities and citizens across the world.”

– Shri Gaurang Rathi, CEO - Varanasi Smart City

Managing waste collection and disposing it has been an area of concern for all the Indian cities. IUDX has worked with Varanasi Smart City to come up with a solution to alleviate the issue. An app has been created from the data obtained through IUDX, with the help of which the city sanitation department will be able to accurately estimate wet and dry waste volumes allowing them to optimize pickups and to plan for sale and recycling of wet waste, reducing pollution and opening up business opportunities.

Some of the features of this project are:

  • Volume Sensors installed in Bins to identify the level of solid waste

  • RFID Tagging/Geo-tagging of all garbage bins and garbage points to allow real-time tracking of waste collection

  • GIS/GPS enabled Solid Waste Management for online tracking of waste collection vehicles, their routes and attendance of staff

  • Workshop Management System for Vehicle Breakdown Details

  • Fuel Management system to identify the gaps in Vehicle run

  • Integration with Weighbridge to identify the Garbage collected and sent to Garbage Treatment Plant

  • Monitoring of collection of bins (Full or partial)

  • Identify the weight of Garbage as per Volume Sensors data