After Vadodara, Raipur Revolutionizes Emergency Response with IUDX Enabled Green Corridor

Bangalore & Raipur, India — March 21— India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) proudly announces the successful implementation of the IUDX enabled Green Corridor for Emergency Vehicles application in Raipur Smart City, marking a significant milestone in enhancing emergency response services within the city.

Designed to streamline and expedite emergency vehicle movement, the Green Corridor for Emergency Vehicles application harnesses the power of real-time emergency vehicles’ data & ATCS system to mitigate response times during critical situations. IUDX brings together various datasets required to make the application work and smoothens the process of creating an automated green corridor anytime with minimal disruption to regular traffic.

The application currently integrates real-time emergency vehicle data and adaptive traffic systems to create seamless paths for emergency vehicles. Further enhancements can include integrating on-call duty status, hospital/care unit details, and navigation systems. As of now, 21 ambulances in the city under 108 services have been equipped to share data via IUDX. This number is set to increase in the future as private ambulances and more government ambulances are brought under this initiative.

Along with Raipur Smart City, Raipur Traffic Police played a critical role in implementing the application in the city. L&T Technology Services and Bharat Electronics joined as implementation partners, while Jai Ambey Emergency Services provided the 108 Ambulance service data to help realise the initiative. Aurionpro Solutions Limited supported the project as the Project Management Consultant of Raipur Smart City.

Abhinash Mishra, Commissioner of Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) and Managing Director of Raipur Smart City Limited (RSCL) , expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “The implementation of the Green Corridor for Emergency Vehicles application exemplifies our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of our citizens. By reducing response times during emergencies, we aim to enhance public safety and save lives.”

“We are proud to introduce the Green Corridor for Emergency Vehicles application in Raipur. This innovative solution will help enhance ambulance services within the city and will revolutionise emergency response time, ensuring swift and efficient passage for emergency vehicles through our city streets, ultimately saving lives. This will also reduce the burden on the city traffic police who till now manually created green corridors in times of need,” said Ujjawal Porwal, Chief Operating Officer, Raipur Smart City.

“Through the successful implementation of the Green Corridor for emergency vehicles application in Raipur City, we have exemplified our commitment to leverage technology for the betterment of the society. This initiative not only enhances public safety but also demonstrates our ability to innovate and collaborate effectively with stakeholders to address urban challenges. With minimal utilisation of resources, we have equipped the city to create automated green corridors anytime and have created a pathway where every second counts, ensuring swift and efficient emergency response across our city”, Dr Inder Gopal, CEO, IUDX said.

Raipur is the second city in the country to have implemented this application, with the first being Vadodara Smart City. This application can be implemented in all cities where emergency vehicle tracking and adaptive traffic control systems are deployed. It is expected to reduce the deaths due to delays in service (30%), manual efforts by the police personnel to facilitate emergency vehicles’ movement and of course, traffic jam ripples as they move on. The application is also being operationalized in cities like Chandigarh & Bengaluru, with pilot projects underway or planned for cities like Rajkot, Surat, etc.

About IUDX:

The IUDX Programme supports India’s Smart Cities Mission within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and facilitates the use of data to achieve the full potential of technology and innovation within Indian cities. It is set up as a multidisciplinary program within the Society for Innovation and Development in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The IUDX programme addresses technical and non-technical issues related to the use of data to create public good. The open-source platform developed by the program enables higher operational efficiency in city administration by facilitating the data exchange between various civic bodies, municipal departments, application developers and relevant data consumers. It has also received valuable financial support from Omidyar Network India.

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