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The promise of data in smart cities

IUDX was born out of the need to enable data exchange between various city departments, government agencies, citizens and private sector. IUDX helps the cities in using the data intelligently to address complex urban challenges, establish integrated development across various aspects of the urban sector and catapult them to the next stage of innovation. IUDX is completely open source, based on an underlying framework of open standard APIs, data models, and the security, privacy and accounting mechanisms that will facilitate its easy adoption across the digital ecosystem.


Breaking data silos to enable sharing of public and privately owned data. Converting collected data into understandable format and usable information.


Generating insights from large set of data for creating new applications/services


Mitigating security risk and data fraud, and enhancing transparency and accountability


Enabling data economy by monetizing data. Using data innovatively to foster entrepreneurial ecosystem in SmartCities

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IUDX was officially launched on February 23, 2021 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in presence of the in the presence of Hon’ble Ministers and Secretaries of the respective Ministries, along with other officers of the Central and State Governments.

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